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Un homme fait des achats dans la boutique de la fromagerie

As the title suggests, here you will find all products other than our cheeses, such as raclette equipment, promotional items, etc.!

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  • Cap | Vache à Maillotte


    This practical cap allows you to proudly display your colors! Available in gray, pink, and blue!

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  • Barbeclette


    Barbeclette: the perfect combination of barbecue and raclette! Melt your favorite cheese in an instant. Delicious on a baguette or to easily transform your burger into a cheeseburger! Finished eating? The non-stick coating and sleek design make it very easy to clean. The Barbeclette can then be easily stored while waiting for the next barbecue!

    Ideal tool for the cottage and camping!

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  • Partyclette


    With the Partyclette To Go, you can enjoy melt cheese, when and where you want. This nomadic set is heated by the three tealights included. In four minutes, your feast can start! Treat yourself for example in the park, at a picnic or on your terrace. With this Partyclette, you will always have something to celebrate!

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